The Gospel of Fire

Eliot Marshall

Eliot Marshall has always been a fighter—from overcoming bullies and bigots who targeted his half-black, half-Jewish heritage to using his martial-arts prowess to become part of the UFC. But beneath his badass exterior, Eliot struggled with severe anxiety, until he learned to live a life of true purpose.

In The Gospel of Fire, Eliot shares his incredible story of breaking down and learning to build himself back up by acknowledging his shortcomings, accepting his challenges, freeing himself from fear, and maximizing his opportunities. Sharing the experiences and tools that helped him battle back from the edge of despair, Eliot shows you how to discover your own “why” and refocus your days on “how” to achieve it.

You past doesn’t define you, and your present can set you free. With Eliot’s example, you can find your path and the power to remake your life.

Eliot Marshall

Eliot Marshall is a former professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who holds black belts in karate and Brazilian jujitsu. He competed in Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter, earning a spot in the UFC. He retired from the league in 2011 and now dedicates himself to coaching within the sport. In 2012, he opened the first of six Easton Training Centers in the Denver area with his mentor, Amal Easton.

Eliot’s greatest opponent has been bouts of severe anxiety and depression, which he has overcome with the help of therapy and the support of others. He hopes The Gospel of Fire will be a beacon of hope for those who may be suffering in silence.

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