The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche

Dave Jilk and Brad Feld


His favorite personality was a “free spirit”: an obsessed individual with a vision of the future and the will to make it so, a rebel who creates the future with childlike enthusiasm.

Now, serial entrepreneur Dave Jilk and venture capitalist Brad Feld extract from Nietzsche a modern Art of War, connecting the dots to our high-tech business environment.

Each quick, digestible chapter expands on a quote from Nietzsche to stimulate your thinking about a vital aspect of entrepreneurship, and stories from entrepreneurs help make the ideas concrete.

Understand why hitting bottom might be the best thing that can happen, how your firm’s “artistic style” can align your organization, and the role obsession plays in your success—and your definition of it.

Glean insight and inspiration from every page of this surprising, approachable gem.

Dave Jilk is a former serial entrepreneur and startup CEO in information technology. He now writes on entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence, and he dabbles in poetry and philosophy.

Brad Feld is an early-stage investor and entrepreneur who is a partner in the venture capital firm Foundry Group and a Co-founder of Techstars. He’s written a number of books on entrepreneurship and venture capital, including Venture Deals, Startup Communities, The Startup Community Way, Startup Life, and Startup Opportunities.

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