The Entrepreneur’s Framework

Joshua H. Davidson

It’s no secret–starting a company is hard. So many decisions are interdependent on factors outside of our control. Some founders follow a business plan; Others operate by the seat of their pants. But all entrepreneurs need a personal framework to follow.

Since starting his first company at age sixteen, Chop Dawg founder/CEO Joshua H. Davidson has developed trusting relationships with customers while building a thriving team to serve them. However, Joshua didn’t always think like a long-term leader. In 2013, the growing pains of running a start-up had brought his team to the brink of a breakup. Faced with the threat of going out of business, Joshua had to reverse-engineer his company (and himself) to get it back on track. The result was a framework that any entrepreneur can use to build a sustainable business. With hard-won insight, humor, and an insider’s knowledge of the entrepreneurial space, Joshua dispels the myths and false promises that entrepreneurs are often too keen to believe in when starting out, and lays out a practical framework for lasting success.

Press & Praise

John Boitnott, Writer for Inc Magazine, Forbes, and USA Today

"It is remarkable to see what Joshua has been able to achieve at such a young age, but at the same time, he's been an entrepreneur for much longer than most of the individuals that I get to interview for a living! I couldn't recommend his book enough to any first-time entrepreneur, or those interested in becoming one."

Brad Aronson, Founder of Razorfish, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

"There are too many books out there that I want to read and too little time for me to read them all. Often I find myself deciding what to read next based on the expertise of the author that wrote them. It is why reading Joshua's book is a no-brainer for me, I know what he has accomplished in his entrepreneurial career, and how he helps others every single day through Chop Dawg and his non-profit initiatives. "

Tim Wallace, CEO of iPipeline

"I think The Entrepreneur's Framework is something that every first or second-time entrepreneur should pay a lot of attention to. I thought it was a good matrix for a young person to really guide themselves on self-awareness and self-development."

Joshua H. Davidson

Joshua H. Davidson built his company from the ground up going door-to-door when he was sixteen years old. Over a decade later, employs dozens and has built over 245+ mobile and web applications for startups, SMBs, Fortune 500’s and non-profits alike. Joshua is also a startup adviser, professional speaker and seasoned radio and podcast host. But above all else, Joshua remains a passionate student of entrepreneurship.

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