The Engagement Ring

Lee Ann Pond

Employee engagement is a direct reflection of leadership. High levels of engagement lead to increased productivity, lower turnover, and better customer service. When you’re promoted into a new leadership role, do you know how to engage your employees to achieve these results? It’s likely the technical skills you honed in your previous role won’t help you become a strong leader. You need a new set of skills, but where can you learn them? Don’t expect to find help in leadership books, as most are theory-based.

What you need is a guidebook, which is exactly what Lee Ann Pond has written.

The Engagement Ring is a step-by-step guide that gives you specific steps and skills you can use immediately to create more fulfilled, productive, and happier teams—all without spending a dime. This book covers the basics of leadership development and employee engagement so that you can be equipped to develop your own leadership style moving forward. With the guidance in this book, you’ll become the type of leader capable of positively impacting your team members’ lives—at work and beyond.

Lee Ann Pond

Lee Ann Pond is the founder and CEO of Engaging Leadership, a firm dedicated to helping organizations engage their leaders, teams, and employees for peak performance. She is also the creator of the Engagement Ring, a framework for helping leaders understand the core tenets of engagement. With an MBA, executive coaching certification, and fifteen years of C-suite experience, Lee Ann is an expert at merging leadership development with employee engagement. Lee Ann lives near Richmond, Virginia, and enjoys her family, travels, and rescue pup, Mr. Pickles. To learn more about Lee Ann’s work or connect further, visit

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