The End of Certainty

Simon Dudley

Slow evolutionary change is old news. Today, change comes in waves that are rolling in faster and bigger than ever. Excession Events are the huge tidal waves of change that can wipe you out if you’re not prepared. But if you see these events early, you can capitalize–and ride the waves of change to success.

In The End of Certainty, technology seer and Wired Magazine contributor Simon Dudley details his Excession Event philosophy and shares strategies on how to prepare for the unpredictable, in business and in life. Inside you will learn:

  • How Excession Events kill entire markets and create lucrative new opportunities by redefining what success means
  • Why “sticking with the status quo” is the worst possible strategy for winning in today’s climate of accelerated change
  • Why knowledge is losing value fast and how you can strike gold with the new currency: The Query
  • Why Artificial Intelligence will eliminate 40% of jobs… and how you can excel when AI achieves critical mass
  • How a simple perspective shift can help you turn 10% increases into staggering 10x gains

Simon shares these insights through rich historical storytelling, modern business analysis and personal anecdotes of his lifelong struggles with dyslexia, conformity and authority. Driven by Simon’s unique contrarian worldview, The End of Certainty equips readers with non-traditional skills for not just surviving, but thriving through Excession Events.

Simon Dudley

Simon Dudley is an author, speaker, consultant and a leading authority on the power of technology to change what success in business looks like.

With over 25 years in the technology business, numerous patents and a background in fields as diverse as sales, engineering, product marketing and design he brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to everything he does. He is currently CEO of Excession Events, a sought-after public speaker and regular contributor to Wired Magazine.

He regularly delivers keynote speeches on a huge range of technological changes, including how Microsoft Word killed all the typists, how self driving cars will change our society, and how the supercomputer in your pocket will radically change everything from the healthcare market to international relations.

Simon currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Mimi, two teenagers Simon and Sam, and two self heating scatter cushions called Sherlock and Shinobi.

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