The Doctor Is Burned Out

Jeff Moody

Are you frustrated, fed up and fatigued? Most doctors are.

Dr. Jeff Moody was. The demands of being a doctor combined with the pressure to perform regardless of any issues—or risk losing his medical license—left Dr. Moody feeling trapped, hopeless, and powerless. When he stopped to consider why he was feeling such despair, he realized the truth: he was suffering from burnout.

If you are tired, frustrated, resentful, or feel like you have no control over your workload—let alone your life—you might be suffering from burnout, too.

As burned out as you may be, it is not hopeless and you are not powerless. You have options, which Dr. Moody will show you.

In The Doctor Is Burned Out, Dr. Moody will help you recover from burnout by first identifying the factors that led to your burnout. From there, he offers mental exercises, paradigm shifts, and critical habit changes—including suggestions for diet, exercise, and sleep—that can help you create a “new you” while enjoying a more satisfying, joyful life

Dr. Jeff Moody is a board-certified, UCLA-trained, practicing urologist with over twenty years of experience. During that time, he’s survived at least six electronic medical record transitions, the Affordable Care Act, and practice consolidation. He’s also served on numerous local, state, and national healthcare organizations. Dr. Moody knows the warning signs and challenges of burnout personally, having lived through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. In addition to this book, Dr. Moody supports his colleagues by sponsoring a monthly Physician Burnout Support Group. For more information or to connect with Dr. Moody, visit

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