The Being Equation

Erik Hardy

What am I meant to do with my life?

If you don’t know, you’re not alone. Too many people struggle for years with that question without making any progress—all because they’re not asking the right question:

Who am I?

In his groundbreaking book, The Being Equation, Erik Hardy identifies what defines each of us as human beings, exploring the subconscious filters and assumptions that block us from becoming our true selves.

Discover the “truths” you picked up as a child that weren’t true for you, leading you down the wrong path over and over with the same unsatisfying results. Then, step by step, tear down those barriers and reconnect with the powerful human being you were born to be.

Get actionable clarity on who you are at your core, discover what you truly want, and start creating the life you were meant to live.

Press & Praise

Joshua Sneideman, Albert Einstein Distinguished Education Fellow

The Being Equation simplifies how to live one's best life and inspires change in how we handle our current situation, whatever that may be. Just as Albert Einstein's equations changed our understanding of the universe, I feel Erik Hardy's 'Being Equation' forever changes our understanding of ourselves.

Phoebe Mroczek, Chief Executive Officer and Business Strategist

At a time where everything is fighting for our attention, and we are slowly drifting away from ourselves, Erik reminds us what is most important. He created a formula to explain one of the most simple yet profoundly complex topics in our world right now and has done it through story, reflection, humor, and inquiry. The Being Equation is a powerful invitation for anyone wanting to experience a greater depth of growth and understanding in a systematic way that challenges their current reality while also creating space for their own discovery.

Dr. Christie Long, DVM, Head of Veterinary Medicine at Modern Animal

If you picked up The Being Equation because you are hoping it can change your life, you'll be disappointed. In this book, Erik Hardy explains how a simple equation—the Being Equation—reminds us that changing your life is up to you, and only you. This book and the corresponding exercises are designed to help you understand how you can rationally evaluate past and present events in your life, how being in command of your reaction to those events changes their effect on you, and how you can make choices in your life that will help you to create the one you want for yourself.

Erik Hardy lives in a horse barn with his wife, five horses, a border collie, and a pot-bellied pig named Miss Piggy Sue. He writes and works from his Airstream, ACE Gratitude.

Erik worked as a gardener, a medical IT consultant, a bank teller, an ecologist, and a real estate broker, moving from one career to another without any sense of purpose or direction before he finally started asking the right question.

By discovering who he really is and living in alignment with his true self, he has found authentic joy as an entrepreneur, writer, and creator, living his life on purpose and turning his dreams into his reality. He wrote this book to help you do the same.

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