The Art of High Energy

Vanda Martin

Energetic people are easy to spot. They are magnetic. They have a higher level of intensity. They radiate happiness, passion, and drive while others seem overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes burnt out. That vibrancy isn’t just luck or good genes. Energy is a skill that you can learn and master.

Vanda Martin has employed the power of energy to launch herself into success time and time again. In The Art of High Energy, she uses inspirational examples and easy-to-follow steps to show you how you can increase your energy level, strengthen your mindset, create constructive habits, improve focus, and visualize and achieve your goals. With techniques ranging from removing mental blocks, to prioritizing your goals, to improving your physical being to making time for joy, Vanda can help you exercise your energy muscles to become a positive force in the world.

With focus, discipline, and enthusiasm, as well as Vanda’s easy and clear ideas in this book, you can take control of your energy and transform every area of your life.

Press & Praise

Sharran Srivatsaa, President of Teles Properties

"If there was ever a way to bottle up Vanda's inspiring energy while giving you a blueprint to make it your own, this book is it!"

Bill Pipes, Business and Influence Coach, National Speaker

"As a coach, real estate agent, and leader, Vanda epitomizes how to use energy as a tool to create greatness in others and have breakthroughs in life and business. Finally, someone has captured this as a strategy. Thank you, Vanda."

Vanda Martin

Vanda Martin has lived a varied and full life: earning a basketball scholarship, owning her first enterprise at nineteen, obtaining a degree in business and marketing, moving to the United States from Brazil, working as a personal trainer, becoming the number-one realtor in her region and part of the top 1 percent worldwide with Coldwell Banker, and finally becoming a successful coach. In 2006, she was named “Business Woman of the Year” by the San Joaquin County Chamber of Commerce. It is all thanks to her mindset, focus, love of life, and drive to maintain high energy. Vanda lives in northern California and has two sons.

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