The 100 Year Savings Solution

Rick Sapio and Teresa Kuhn

Have you ever made a bad investment decision at the spur of the moment?

If so, you’re not alone. Our financial system rewards the big players while keeping everyone else off-balance, making you feel like you have to act fast and luring you into bad decisions.

That’s why Rick Sapio and Teresa Kuhn developed the 100 Year Savings Solution—to help individual investors avoid financial traps and make solid, long-term-focused financial choices.

Learn how the system exploits our own worst tendencies, making normally cautious people take ill-considered risks with their money.

Then, learn to shift your focus far into the future, helping you make better decisions today while building an ironclad financial legacy for tomorrow.

Rick Sapio is the founder of The Exit Concierge Service, a proprietary system that quickly and painlessly sells large, private companies in less time and for more money than conventional methods. He is also the CEO of a holding company that has made more than 100 investments. He is a graduate of Rutgers with an Industrial Engineering degree.

Teresa Kuhn is a financial strategist, educator, and bestselling author who specializes in using whole life insurance as an asset class. Her experience as an attorney, financial advisor, and entrepreneur has led Teresa to design thousands of financial blueprints for individuals, families, and business owners to avoid exposing their wealth to taxes, inflation, and Wall Street losses.

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