Step on the Mat

Ninja Nguyen

The martial arts can be exciting and fun for young people, but they are more than just kicking and punching. The valuable lessons found in the routines and rituals of karate, jiu jitsu, and other disciplines can bring joy and purpose to everything else you do in your life—even if you’ve never executed a roundhouse kick or split a board with your bare hand.

Ninja Nguyen’s martial arts adventure began when he was a small boy in Vietnam. It continued throughout his remarkable journey from his war-torn homeland to a refugee camp, and finally to America, where he’s now the successful owner of a Boston dojo. In Step on the Mat, he shares his inspiring story as he leads you through each stage of his martial arts class—from opening bow to sparring and competition–and reveals the life-changing principles that can make you stronger in heart, mind, and body.

Ninja Nguyen

Ninja Nguyen started his martial arts journey when he was four years old, growing up in a small fishing village in Vietnam. He continued to train in refugee camps, where martial arts served as his guiding light while he struggled to learn English in unfamiliar classrooms, preparing to come to America. Ninja originally worked in security for nightclubs before finally opening his own dojo and building the life he has today. A devoted husband and father of three, he is the owner of Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center in Boston, which currently trains more than 500 students.

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