Sink or Shine

Adam H. Michaels

In the modern marketplace, there are two types of businesses: Tugboats and Lighthouses.

Tugboats represent the antiquated ways of the past. These businesses may have dominated in their day, but now, their love affair with the way things have always been puts them at risk of sinking. The hard truth is that most established businesses and the leaders within them often gravitate toward comfort and what they believe is the guarantee of safe passage, unaware that their vessels are eroding.

But the majestic Lighthouse is a thing of timeless beauty. Grounded in the strength of its mission, the organization is impervious to environmental changes. It becomes a destination for all who are searching for it and for those who happen upon it by mistake. Whether you’re a business leader, an entrepreneur, or anyone in between, Sink or Shine serves to start an unapologetic, candid conversation on what it takes for businesses to become Lighthouses. That distinction will determine who sails off into obscure waters and certain irrelevancy and who thrives in today’s marketplace.

Adam H. Michaels

Adam Michaels is an entrepreneur and sales leader who is passionate about passionate people. He has long been committed to his personal and professional growth and to mentoring others on a similar journey.

After discovering entrepreneurship as a child by selling candy and shoveling snow, he earned his bachelor’s degree in communication at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and continued to hone his skills as a stockbroker and insurance salesman.

Having served as Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 150 company, he lives in Los Angeles as the father to Dylan and Lilah and husband to Jodi.

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