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Dana Roefer

In today’s world, a woman can be overwhelmed by the picture-perfect expectations put upon her by society and social media—people who don’t know her, what she wants, or who she wants to be. Where do you turn when you know you want more, but your “more” doesn’t look like everyone else’s?

You can shop around for happiness and fulfillment, but the choices are many and the outcomes aren’t clear. You don’t know if anything you buy will do what you want it to do, and there are no guarantees. Consumerism is a costly, time-consuming, and ineffective solution for getting what you want.

Instead, you need clarity around what you want and intentionality in how you get it. And you need expert partners who have your best interests in mind—a circle—to support you in your transformation from consumer to investor in yourself, your home, and your family.

Shop Social goes beyond the traditional understanding of buying from friends and shows how building a microcommunity of people who know you and who are personally invested in your well-being can be a life-changing experience that saves time and money, while putting you in control of your own health, happiness, and fulfillment. It takes the struggle out of “what to do next” and puts you on a clear path to your best life.

Dana Roefer is a social selling corporate consultant and LifePlan facilitator who is on a mission to help women recognize their worth, live with intentionality, and transform their buying habits. An active social shopper, she believes that building a microcommunity of experts with a vested interest in your well-being is the key to optimal, focused investing in yourself, your home, and your family. Dana is an advocate for entrepreneurship and supports women who have found financial independence and personal and professional fulfillment through starting their own businesses. She is dedicated to showing potential social shoppers how they can change their lives by relying on their circle of entrepreneurs—their social sellers.

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