Sharper Image Success

Richard Thalheimer & Meredith Sasseen

Open a door into the complex and active mind of Sharper Image founder, Richard Thalheimer. This successful entrepreneur shares stories about creating his visions, taking risks, sharing rewards, cultivating generosity, and showing respect, as well as knowing there always is a way to solve every problem.

“An unprecedented view into the mind of Sharper Image Founder, Richard Thalheimer. Learn to adapt his Billionaire Mindset. Whether you’re starting a new business, are a seasoned entrepreneur, or you are working your way up the corporate ladder, this book is worth your time and attention. Richard’s stories share the secrets of the Billionaire Mindset that will benefit you in every part of your life.”

“Richard teaches us that our originality and our relationships are the most important attributes of success. He shares his techniques for connecting with others in negotiation and collaboration.”

“This is true wisdom from America’s Gadget Guy. I used to wait for the mail to receive The Sharper Image catalog, now I have access to his personal playbook!”

From Richard:

When I was only 23 years old, I fantasized about creating something. Thirty years later, it was a name recognized worldwide, with 200 stores in six countries, 4,000 employees, and catalog and internet businesses approaching $750 million in sales.

And it was fun! We made and sold clever, useful, and attractive products—which we designed from scratch—that made life easier, more fun, and more enjoyable.

What a great life experience!

Along the way, I learned things to help you in your life and career: how to work with people, how to negotiate, how to sell, and how to make money.

Enjoy sharing the journey with me, and pick up helpful tips to make your own life better and more successful!

Richard Thalheimer led The Sharper Image to its peak as CEO with annual revenues of $750 million, 200 stores, catalogs, an online store, and 4,000 employees. The company became a public corporation in 1987 when its stock was listed on the NASDAQ.

Thalheimer now runs The Sharper Fund, a successful private fund, and shares his wisdom at He is a stock guru and investing expert, sought after by journalists and their readers for his trendsetting observations about products, companies, and market movements. His experience talking to analysts for 20 years as the CEO of The Sharper Image has given him great insight into how Wall Street analysts think and, consequently, when and why investors should confidently follow their judgments.

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