Selling is Not Optional

Mike Brunel

Who’s afraid of big, bad sales?

Almost everyone, says NRS Media co-founder Mike Brunel. Cold calls freak people out, and nobody wants to be thought of as the stereotypical sleazy salesperson. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

In Selling is Not Optional, Brunel shares the key insight that led to his own success as an international media businessman: we are all in sales. How we think about sales, however, has more impact on our success than what we actually sell. Brunel’s paradigm-shifting book shows you how to change your sales mindset for better results. His step-by-step process offers even the most reluctant salesperson a pathway to increased sales success now and well into the future.

Brunel teaches you how to:

  • Use your passions to drive your success
  • Turn rejection into opportunity
  • Build long-lasting business relationships
  • Feel good about your role in your clients’ lives
  • Create systems that multiply your successes

Countless salespeople have come to Brunel saying, “I can’t do sales.” With this eye-opening book, he says, “Yes, you can. Let me show you how.”

Mike Brunel

Mike Brunel is an expert in helping organisations build sustainable sales and management systems. He co-founded NRS Media in Wellington, New Zealand, expanded it into a global powerhouse in media sales and training, and was eventually responsible for opening offices in London, Atlanta, Toronto, Sydney, Capetown, and Bogota.

His products and services are now sold in 23 countries and in 11 languages generating $250 million annually in sales for his clients. Mike sold the company in 2015 and now spends his time following his passions which include rugby, travel, and spending time with his family in New Zealand.

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