Second-Chance CEO

Tom Caporaso

This isn’t just a business book—this is a people-business book.

Too often, executives place ambition and effort on the opposite end of empathy and cooperation. This is detrimental to your company and to you as an individual. Happiness and performance are not mutually exclusive. CEO and e-commerce expert Tom Caporaso learned the hard way. After discovering a hole in his heart during a routine physical, Tom underwent open-heart surgery at age twenty-nine. Not long after, his daughters were born prematurely. These experiences shifted his perspective from a self-focused mindset to one that appreciated a bigger, more collaborative picture.

Second-Chance CEO details the value of compassionate leadership. Drawing on thirty years of business, mentorship, and life experience, Tom explains why empathy, inclusivity, and patience bolster a business’s bottom line and serve a greater good. If you’re seeking a better work-life balance, this book offers the tools you need to turn things around.

Tom Caporaso is an experienced customer engagement expert who serves as the CEO of ebbo. With over thirty years of experience and thought leadership in this area, Tom’s life experiences inform his business development practices, stewardship, and success. He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife, twin daughters, and son.

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