Scope Forward

Praveen Suthrum

No one in the medical field is free from the impact of COVID-19, including gastroenterologists. But the pandemic has only accelerated trends that started years ago. Health systems and insurance companies have become more powerful. Private equity has fueled consolidation. Colon cancer screening options have expanded. Artificial intelligence has embedded itself into endoscopy, and patients have become demanding consumers.

It’s clear that GI can no longer rely on pre-COVID business models for survival.

In his timely new book, Scope Forward, Praveen Suthrum provides deeper insights into the structural shift underway in GI. Through expert interviews, Praveen offers practical advice for the industry to thrive, not just survive in the coming decade.

Get the clarity you need in the middle of chaos. Develop a mindset to disrupt yourself before someone else does. Build the future of gastroenterology on your terms.

It’s time to scope forward.

Press & Praise

Dr. Reed B. Hogan, GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, Mississippi

"Scope Forward is a complete study allowing providers to grasp and conquer the previously shadowy realm of the business of medicine. This text is a must for healthcare leaders charting their course to success."

Dr. Michael Byrne, CEO and founder of Satisfai Health, and founder of ai4gi, Vancouver, Canada

"What Praveen has done in his book Scope Forward is to illuminate us about a whole range of issues pertinent to the future of GI, from artificial intelligence to private equity. This is a very welcome entry into the 'must read' category for all those involved in Gastroenterology. You will learn a lot!"

Dr. Latha Alaparthi, Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut, vice president, DHPA, Connecticut

"Scope Forward offers a refreshing perspective on many aspects of health care within and outside of GI. Narrative also allows readers to access views of many GI thought leaders."

Praveen Suthrum

Praveen Suthrum is the co-founder and president of NextServices. The company provides a platform that medical practices need to thrive while facing tougher reimbursements, higher operating costs, and increased regulation.

Scope Forward is Praveen’s second book and his follow-up to the Amazon #1 new release Private Equity in Gastroenterology.

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