Save Your Acorns

Robert Gardner

I haven’t told you the best part, said Grandpa. When you save your acorns, they don’t just sit there and wait for you. They grow into trees, and the trees give you more and more acorns… Join Oliver and Amelia as Grandpa teaches them the importance of saving. They read the story of the bears and the monkeys. And they learn about the consequences of wasting bananas, sharing berries and saving acorns. The best part is the acorns they save can grow over time into trees with more and more acorns.

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner is the author of Save Your Acorns, which has been accredited by FairLife for financial education. Robert is the founder of Redington, a leading UK pensions consultancy. He also founded RedStart, the financial education charity that teaches young people to budget, save, invest, and give back. He sits on the board of the Children’s Savings Council. His passion for financial education and wellbeing led him to write Save Your Acorns to teach young children, and their families, the importance of budgeting, saving, investing and sharing. He lives in London with his family.

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