Rocking the Ship

Mat Lock & Uli Grothe

If you want to future-proof your business, you need to challenge the status quo. Rocking the Ship enables you to create and implement groundbreaking innovations.

You will…

  • Understand why your company struggles to create business innovations
  • Learn how to develop disruptive business models systematically
  • Attain intellectual leadership by virtually and playfully attacking your own industry
  • Create momentum by also turning fellow managers into business model mavericks
  • Find ways for implementing new business models in conjunction with your current business

Rocking the Ship empowers all managers, regardless of rank, function, or industry, to be bolder and faster than current or would-be competitors. The system is easy to learn and apply, thereby presenting a compelling alternative to running lengthy and expensive consulting assignments.

Press & Praise

Heiko Wolters, Partner, Egon Zehnder

"The difference between managers and leaders has widely been discussed. Rocking the Ship is for those who want to be leaders. I do not know any other business book providing more support and inspiration for those determined to define the future of their industries."

Sebastian Wohlrapp, CEO, CINTEO

"A must-read for anyone captive in an organization or industry awaiting its inevitable disruption. It is fair to say that nobody has thought longer, harder, or smarter about the innovation immunity of corporations and how to overcome it. One of the best business books of (at least) the year--and a very different one."

Jochen Geis, CEO, Zürich International Business School (ZIBS)

"Uli and Mat are the nightmare competitors of the consulting industry. With Rocking the Ship, they enable managers and top executives to achieve astonishing results in almost no time. Far better than spending lots of money only to end up with the usual 'not invented here' objections. Great guys to work with. Together with our clients, we are delighted."

Mat Lock & Uli Grothe

Mat Lock, an expert in creating innovative solutions in complex B2B environments, has held key global management positions focusing on strategy and business development for more than two decades.

Uli Grothe is a business innovation expert and has coached countless executives from diverse industries in defining new strategies creatively. He runs highly-praised seminars and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Mat and Uli joined forces to teach managers how to rock their ships.

As Uli and Mat see it, the job of consultants and managers is to future-proof their companies, but they struggle to help established organizations become successful business model innovators. The incumbents fail to reinvent their industries, while start-ups and industry outsiders do this with seeming ease.

Uli and Mat do not believe that the incumbents should accept it as their fate to be considered the old guard. Not bound by any conventions, the two friends developed an out-of-the-box method allowing the established to free themselves from the shackles of conventional strategies.

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