Risk Up Front

Adam Josephs & Brad Rubenstein

The ability to relentlessly identify and mitigate risk.
That is the key to high-performance project teams.

Successful projects depend more on your team’s behavior than on their project tools.

This book focuses on the fundamentals: simple structures and practices, applied with rigor. These are the tools you need to avoid the late changes that kill project schedules. Underlying all of them are four principles: accountability, transparency, integrity and commitment. Risk Up Front is designed to turn these principles into practice.

Murphy’s Law tells us, “If anything can go wrong, it will.” With Risk Up Front, even risks hiding in your team’s blind spot can be discovered and handled, before Murphy has a chance.

Press & Praise

R. Martin Chavez, CFO, Goldman Sachs

"We use Risk Up Front to get projects done on time. It works."

Matt Little, Chief Product Officer, PKWARE, Inc.

"Risk Up Front fixed our Agile process and has become a company-wide discipline. Risk conversations now extend from the conference room to the board room."

Tim Jenks, CEO, Neophotonics Corporation

"We started by using Risk Up Front in global engineering and product development. Now we use it everywhere, from building clean rooms to upgrading our finance systems. In all cases, the results are faster execution, stronger teamwork, and better results."

Adam Josephs

Adam Josephs is a founding partner at Celerity Consulting Group LLC. Celerity trains and coaches organizations all over the world on applying Risk Up Front to accelerate product development and organizational change. Before Celerity, he managed engineering projects and product organizations at Apple Computer, Microsoft and a variety of startups. Adam is an adjunct faculty member in entrepreneurship and strategy at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, and has taught these subjects at New York University, U.C. Berkeley, Singularity University, and many industry conferences. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Oxford University. Adam makes his home in New York City, where he plays rugby and board games. He is a passionate advocate for local animal rescues. http://strayfromtheheart.org/

Brad Rubenstein

Brad Rubenstein is a partner at Celerity Consulting Group LLC. Prior to joining Celerity, Brad was an early software designer and architect at Sun Microsystems, and later was a core strategist creating trading and risk management infrastructure at Goldman Sachs. He joined Celerity to apply his extensive experience leading project teams to further develop Risk Up Front.

Brad holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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