Riding Raw

Sue Hollis

Sue Hollis lived in the fast lane, juggling a high-powered career, being a supermom, and continually striving for perfection. But despite her external success, internally she felt a deep emptiness. Leaving her old life in the dirt, she mounted a superbike named Voodoo and set off on a fifteen-thousand-mile journey to discover what it really takes to feel fulfilled.

Riding Raw is the incredible true story of Sue’s eighty-three-day solo journey across North America. Through adventures on glaciers and in roadhouses and encounters with donut-eating dogs and Brazilian bikers, Sue offers a candid and vulnerable look at what it took for her to let go, change her story, step out of fear, and learn how to love herself.

Exhilarating and emotional, Riding Raw takes readers on the trip of a lifetime, inspiring anyone searching for what it means to truly have it all.

Sue Hollis

Ignoring her school career advisor’s advice to become a librarian, Sue Hollis dropped out of college to find adventure, discover the world, and live big. Along the way, she’s been a corporate heavy hitter, an entrepreneur helming a multimillion-dollar company (and voted one of Australia’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs), and hung by her fingernails as a lifelong adrenaline junkie.

She hopes her journey will leave you both inspired and challenged–if not to take a road trip, then to do whatever it takes to discover what’s truly important in life.

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