Relational Genius

Dr. Tricia Groff

Are you a smart person who feels dumb when it comes to understanding yourself and other people? Do you wish you had a manual for interpersonal excellence?

If so, you’re not alone. Many high achievers feel confident in their technical skills but confused and uncertain when it comes to their soft skills.

Relational Genius: The High Achiever’s Guide to Soft-Skill Confidence in Leadership and Life walks you through the nebulous world of emotion, social dynamics, and Difficult People. Increase your mastery of human behavior with this illuminating guide, jam-packed with scenarios, tactics, and scripts that answer the ever-elusive question: “But what do I do?”

If you excel in your performance but struggle with self-doubt; if you take on too much, while wondering if you’re doing enough; if you care deeply about people, while feeling that they drive you crazy, this book is for you.

Press & Praise

Penny Cowden, CFRE, FAHP, MPA

"Finally, a resource manual for life. I wish I'd had this 30 years ago."

Dr. Tricia Groff is an executive coach and licensed psychologist who specializes in high achievers. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Groff is passionate about converting academic concepts into practical strategies that enhance leadership and life.

Dr. Groff lives in sunny Arizona. Following her own work hard, play hard approach to life balance, she hates people before 9:00 a.m., loves driving fast, and refuses to choose between success and happiness. Learn more at

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