Sebastiaan Hooft

Success as an entrepreneur carries with it the hidden risk of serious pain and suffering resulting from poor health, overwork, and stress.

Sebastiaan Hooft is the perfect example. As one of the Netherlands’ bestknown and most successful entrepreneurs, he nearly lost it all to a complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown.

After nine months of painful recovery, Hooft survived and made it his mission to help fellow entrepreneurs avoid the same fate.

Hooft’s goal is to prove that entrepreneurs can have it all while living a fulfilling, healthy, and balanced personal life.

Redesign spans in-depth interviews with more than five hundred entrepreneurs from fifteen countries providing detailed guidance as to:

  • The Five Facets of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and how to use them to either reinvigorate your career or cure the illness of burnout
  • How to live like a lion—eat well when you want and hang out when you please
  • Why a great idea alone doesn’t equal success
  • Why transparency is the golden ticket to building a powerful life

Learn how to play harder, breathe easier, and live better without losing any of the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Press & Praise

Joe Cross, founder and CEO of Reboot, filmmaker of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

"This is the part—the changing of yourself, the letting go—that's frightening. Change equals discomfort for many people. But I think entrepreneurs look at change equaling opportunity. You've got to focus on the opportunity."

Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft founded twenty companies in fifteen years as one of the Netherland’s top tech entrepreneurs and was listed among the country’s one hundred most successful self-made entrepreneurs by the Dutch business magazine Quote.

Hooft speaks globally on entrepreneurship and is a respected thought leader in the field, featured by TEDx and such publications as U.S. News & World Report. His twin passion is music, and Hooft is currently an international DJ while also working as a mentor to dozens of start-ups, guiding them through the principles outlined in Redesign.

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