Red-Handed Workbook

JR Robles

This is the workbook for JR Robles’s book, Red-Handed: Conducting Smarter Workers’ Compensation Investigations to Reduce Fraud and Claims Cost. Obtaining key facts of the claims process while staying current on laws impacting workers’ compensation claims takes time, effort, and the right partners. But claims examiners are often inundated with more than one hundred active claims, while claims managers, risk managers, and VPs are removed from the day-to-day hurdles of the process. All of these stakeholders need a way to manage claims effectively, while staying on top of industry-related developments, with less hazard and expense. Red-Handed is the claims examiner’s bible to understanding claimant insurance fraud. With up-to-date information on best practices, workers’ comp insurance expert JR Robles reveals how to conduct an effective investigation by using background checks, social media, and surveillance without running afoul of the legal system, as well as understanding current case law, reducing the opportunity for fraud, and more. Knowledge is power. If you’re an insurance professional or human resources manager, Red-Handed will help you lower the costs and risks associated with workers’ comp claims.

JR Robles

JR Robles is a former fraud investigator for the State of California. He is the CEO of Apex Investigation, a leading provider of investigative services for workers’ compensation insurance professionals. After years of direct investigative experience, JR now manages daily operations and writes white papers to remain current on all applicable workers’ comp laws. In this book, he shares his experience and knowledge, providing claims examiners, HR managers, and others the information they need to reduce the risks and costs of workers’ comp claims and to mitigate fraud claims.

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