Read Write Code

Jeremy Keeshin

Code is the new literacy.

Six hundred years ago, most people couldn’t read. In 1440, the invention of the printing press laid the groundwork for massive increases in literacy and ushered in the modern era.

Today, computers and the internet are causing a similar tectonic shift. Reading and writing are foundational skills, and in our digital world, coding is too.

But coding can be intimidating to learn. What is code? Where do you even start?

In Read Write CodeJeremy Keeshin demystifies the world of computers, starting at the beginning to explain the basic building blocks of today’s tech: programming, the internet, data, apps, the cloud, cybersecurity, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and more.

As CEO and Co-founder of CodeHS, Keeshin has helped teach coding to millions of students over the last decade. Complex concepts are explained in friendly and engaging ways, with interactive examples and practical tips. This book is a must-read for modern educators and anyone who wants to understand why code matters today.

Press & Praise

Cindi Chang, Programs Professional for Computer Science and STEM, Nevada Department of Education

Jeremy has the ability to cover a wide range of foundational computer science topics, from algorithms to artificial intelligence, in a fun, relatable, and friendly way. Read Write Code is a must-read for every educator and anyone else interested in obtaining an overall understanding of computer science."

Bryan Cox, Computer Science Specialist, Georgia Department of Education

"If you still think learning to code is intimidating, Jeremy has found a way to make it exciting and easy to learn."

Mehran Sahami, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

"Understanding how computing works and knowing how to program are two very important skills today. Read Write Code provides an accessible and exciting introduction to that world. It takes you on a tour of big ideas in computing while also inviting you to take your first steps into the world of writing code."

Jeremy Keeshin is the CEO and Co-founder of CodeHS, the leading coding education platform for schools used by millions of students. He is an expert in computer science education and education technology, and he has visited hundreds of schools all over the world. Prior to starting CodeHS, he taught computer science at Stanford. Keeshin is an avid comedy fan, juggler, and traveler. He lives in Chicago.

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