Pulse of the Jungle

Daniel Cleland

Many people today feel trapped and unsatisfied with the way their lives are going, but those who do can take heart. Daniel Cleland is living proof that you can have it all—adventure, spiritual health, emotional fulfillment, and business success—if you are open to unique experiences, prepared to take risks, and willing to ignore the limits that you have imposed on yourself.

Daniel’s fearless curiosity and entrepreneurial vision carried him deep into the Peruvian jungle, a world away from his native Ontario and farther from the mundane than he ever thought possible. In the Amazon rain forest, he participated in shamanic rituals involving the powerful medicinal plant ayahuasca. The insights and enlightenment he gained awakened him to new commercial as well as spiritual opportunities and led him to create the Ayahuasca Adventure Center and Pulse Tours in the jungle’s heart.

Pulse of the Jungle is Daniel’s fascinating chronicle of cultural immersion and bold innovation, coupled with enlightening stories of colleagues, artists, and others who also sought and achieved profound change in their lives. It will educate, enthrall, entertain, and illuminate while encouraging readers to embark on their own transformative life journeys.

Daniel Cleland

Daniel Cleland, once a small-town Canadian boy, is today a global social entrepreneur who works all over the world from his home base in the jungles of South America. He is the cofounder of Pulse Tours and Ayahuasca Adventure Center, a spiritual adventure company operating in places like Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. His Ayahuasca Adventure Center, a spiritual healing center located at the 2.2 million–hectare Pacaya-Samiria reserve near Iquitos, Peru, offers people from all walks of life a way to integrate, expand, and transform the human experience on multiple levels. Informed by more than a decade of adventure tour leadership, corporate sales experience, and a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University, Dan builds strong intercultural bridges between travelers and locals, as well as a clear pathway to personal—and often professional—fulfillment through his programs.

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