Pro-American Immigration

Dr. George Farag

Each year, over a million people immigrate to America. While illegal immigration is hotly debated, serious gaps in our legal immigration policies are hurting America. As a former United States diplomat and immigrant to America, Dr. George Farag knows this firsthand. Having lived on both sides of the immigration process, George brings clarity to issues surrounding immigration that the American people should know about.

In Pro-American Immigration, George shares his personal story and professional knowledge to bring you into the world of immigration. You will explore how people legally come to America, discover five gaps in our immigration policies, and learn about practical solutions to close these gaps. Finally, you will be equipped to take action to implement pro-American rules that reinforce our immigration laws.

If you are looking for a fresh, practical perspective on immigration, this book is for you.

George Farag

Dr. George Farag is a former US diplomat and consul who immigrated to America. After the attacks of 9/11, George joined the diplomatic corps to serve his country. In that role, he decided on thousands of visa applications from people seeking to come to America. He was on the Consular Affairs Crisis Response team that evacuated 15,000 Americans during the 2006 Lebanon War and was among the first US diplomats to enter Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. George is the recipient of the Department of State’s Superior Honor Award, the Meritorious Honor Award, and the George P. Schultz Consular Certificate. To get in touch with George, please visit

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