Presentation Hell

James Ontra and AlexAnndra Ontra

Your company has a story to share. How will you share it?

What if your presentations did the work for you? What if each slide worked as a compelling scene in your company’s story? What if your presentation united you with your audience and initiated dialogue? What if you could make a connection every time you spoke?

In Presentation Hell, Shufflrr founders James Ontra and AlexAnndra Ontra reveal how your company can transform the entire presentation experience from tedious and painful to dynamic and rewarding. Their proprietary systems for Structured Storytelling and Presentation Management streamline preparation by providing an organized slide library of polished slides with consistent language. You’ll learn how to facilitate better conversations, respond impactfully in critical moments, and reinforce messaging in every step. Featuring revolutionary strategies that apply to every industry, Presentation Hell is today’s bible for making your communication count.

James Ontra is the CEO of Shufflrr and a trailblazer in the emerging field of Presentation Management, helping companies save millions by transforming presentations into profitable assets. An early entrepreneur in college, James combined business with academics and was recognized with Houston’s Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

AlexAnndra Ontra is the Lead Presentation Strategist at Shufflrr, advising clients on presentation strategy and building their structured stories. Prior to partnering with her brother James, AlexAnndra distinguished herself in advertising, working on creative strategy, production, sales, and media relations. Her experience with messaging discipline and production processes on Madison Avenue has been instrumental in developing Presentation Management.

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