Jackie Fast

Selling sponsorship is one of the most effective and profitable strategic business tools for any organisation. Whether you oversee a billion-dollar corporation, a medium-sized charity, a local arts council, or even a neighborhood children’s football team, sponsorship needs to be part of your revenue and marketing mix.

Not only does sponsorship bring in money, but it also drives engagement in a way that traditional marketing can’t. Businesses, sports teams, music festivals, conferences, live events, small clubs and groups, nonprofits, and start-ups have all begun to realise the power of commercial collaboration and what those partnerships can deliver to their bottom line.

But there’s a catch. Selling sponsorship in today’s landscape requires a different approach and some specialised knowledge that isn’t readily available. This book will show you the pitfalls to avoid to ensure that virtually anyone can succeed.

Jackie Fast

Jackie Fast founded and built one of the only exclusively sales-based sponsorship agencies in the world. She has helped thousands of organisations of all sizes–from Prince to local charities–significantly grow revenue and boost customer engagement through sponsorship. In this groundbreaking book, she shares a decade of experience and lessons learned as she helped define one of the most important industries in business today.

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