Pillar-Based Marketing

Ryan Brock and Christopher Day

Marketers don’t need more data. Between keyword lists, search volumes, and backlinking opportunities, they need to unwind that data and make sense of it all. As customer behavior evolves, simple hacks and tricks aren’t going to cut it if you want to get your content to Page One.

In Pillar-Based Marketing: A Data-Driven Methodology for SEO and Content That Actually WorksRyan Brock and Toph Day teach you how to revolutionize your approach to organic content marketing. Pillar-Based Marketing aligns your strategies with how customers actually behave online. You’ll eliminate the guesswork in building your content strategies and dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Once you understand the psychology of digital customers, you’ll acquire qualified traffic, leads, and customers more efficiently than with traditional SEO methods.

Reclaim your time with the practical strategies in Pillar-Based MarketingExpand your approach from linear, keyword-focused methods and generate content that reliably gets you on Page One of search engine results.

Press & Praise

Nate Skinner, CMO at Onfido

Pillar-Based Marketing represents a true inflection point of technology and sophisticated marketing tactics that marketers should embrace in a digital-first world. This is the next-level blend of art and science that marketers didn't know they needed.

Sangram Vajre, CEO of GTM Partners, bestselling author, and previously Co-Founder of Terminus

Go-to-Market strategy is so important that I wrote a book and launched a business solely focused on it. Pillar-Based Marketing has taken the organic part of GTM out of the black box and made it a critical factor to drive ongoing transformational change in every company and give marketers a seat at the C-Suite table.

MJ Peters, VP of Marketing at CoLab Software

Dare I say keywords are dead? To be competitive in modern SEO, you've got to do right by the customer. That means going beyond keywords and considering context. I have been practicing a variation of Pillar-Based Marketing for 5+ years and firmly believe it's the most effective way to generate revenue through organic search.

Ryan Brock founded the boutique content marketing agency Metonymy Media with no prior marketing or business experience. He grew Metonymy Media into a thriving agency driven by the power of the creative writer. Today, Ryan lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Kristen, and son, Charlie, where he serves as the Chief Solution Officer for DemandJump.

Christopher Day is the CEO of Elevate Ventures. Over the last thirty years he has co-founded eight businesses in seven different sectors with multiple exits to Fortune 500 companies. He has been a part of over $600M in transactions across multiple sectors including artificial intelligence, SaaS, hardtech, broadband, entertainment, investment banking, and real estate.

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