People Processes

Rhamy Alejeal

Unmotivated employees. Poor performance. High turnover. Addressing these problems should be the highest priority of your human resources managers, but they don’t have time, because they spend the vast majority of their days dealing with paperwork. To do right by the people who work for you—and the clients they serve—you need to free HR from the burden of rote, repetitive, soul-draining procedures.

People Processes reveals how you can use technology to streamline your personnel operations. Taking you through every component of HR workflow, Rhamy Alejeal lays out the steps for optimizing rote procedures such as onboarding, scheduling, payroll, reporting, compliance, and communication. You’ll learn how to make the needed changes and, even better, discover what the employee experience looks like after you do.

People are your most important asset. Implementing the strategies outlined in People Processes will boost your ability to attract and retain them—giving you a competitive advantage.

Press & Praise

Mike Michalowicz, author of Clockwork and Profit First

"To be a leader, you must have people who want to take your lead. People Processes is the 'field manual' for exactly that. It will show you how to care for, serve and direct your teams to success. As the leader, your guide is now in your hands, literally."

Rhamy Alejeal

Rhamy Alejeal and his wife, Elizabeth, are the owners of Poplar Financial, a provider of integrated, automated HR processes. Rhamy and his team work with hundreds of companies across the United States, helping them learn how to stop pushing paper and start prioritizing people. In addition, Rhamy serves on the Federal Reserve’s Industry Council on Healthcare, providing insights into employer costs and how they affect businesses in today’s marketplace. He holds a bachelor’s degree in financial economics and an MBA from the University of Memphis.

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