Own Your Own Plane

Nik Tarascio

Despite what you may believe, owning a private plane is not a privilege reserved exclusively for celebrities, world leaders, and the uber-rich. If you’re an entrepreneur or business person who flies regularly on commercial or charter airlines, private plane ownership may not only be possible, but preferable. This remarkable guide provides all the tools and information you will need to finally enjoy the exhilarating and surprisingly cost-effective freedom of unrestricted flight.

Owning your own plane gives you unlimited access to a new world of commercial and networking possibilities. Nik Tarascio, the CEO of a successful aviation company, provides strategies for determining your ideal aviation lifestyle, whether it’s a luxury twelve-seat global jet or a practical four-seater. He offers tips for assembling the expert team that will make it happen and debunks the myths promoted by a commercial airline industry looking to retain its monopoly.

It’s all here in Own Your Own Plane, whether you’d prefer to employ a pilot or put yourself behind the controls. With Nik’s expert guidance on choosing, financing, and maintaining the proper aircraft, the freedom of the sky can finally be yours. Best of all, it can be more affordable than you ever imagined.

Press & Praise

Roger Fradin, operating executive at The Carlyle Group and former vice chairman of Honeywell International

"Flying has become a great passion of mine thanks to Nick and his team. I wish I had met Nick sooner. When it comes to owning and operating a plane, he is an endless wealth of knowledge and support."

Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL, CEO, pilot, and best-selling author

"Nick has been a huge aviation resource for me personally, and his book is a must-read for anyone considering ownership."

Peter Shallard, CEO of Commit Action and The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

"I've experienced firsthand the extraordinary lifestyle hack that your own aircraft unlocks. It will take your entrepreneurial networking capacity - literally and metaphorically - sky-high. Nothing else comes close. It'll elevate the quality of your day-to-day life. This life looks impossibly magical to others, but thanks to Nik's book, it's now all (remarkably) within your reach."

Nik Tarascio

Nik Tarascio has more than two decades of experience in the aviation industry as a pilot, mechanic, top-rated avionics technician, and aircraft salesman. He is CEO of Ventura Air Services, a multifaceted aviation company that has helped train thousands of pilots and flown hundreds of thousands of passengers.

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