One Decade to Make Millions

Jeff Johnson

A bookkeeper with a two-year college degree retires with more than $5 million in his investment accounts. A renowned surgeon is shocked to discover that he doesn’t have enough to retire. Based on real people, the two stories in One Decade to Make Millions prove that anyone can retire wealthy and anyone can go broke.

The only question is how much attention you decide to pay to your finances—and when you decide to start.

If you start saving in your early twenties and apply a few basic principles to your personal finances, you’ll set yourself up well for retirement. Maybe even early retirement. Without any financial worries for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, if you spend money as fast as you make it, even a million-dollar salary won’t get you where you need to go. So if you want to retire early with the possibility of a multimillion-dollar nest egg, you don’t need a medical degree. You just need One Decade to Make Millions.

Press & Praise

Jim Lunney, CFP, Founder of The Wealth Strategies Group, Denver, Colorado

If you are willing to do what few others are willing to do for a period of five years in your twenties, you can live the rest of your life like few others can! In Jeff Johnson's new book, One Decade to Make Millions, Jeff has masterfully detailed the HOW and the WHY! Jeff's educational, experienced, and real-life stories leave each reader off at the intersection of "Desire" and "Willing To Do" with the tools to make it happen.
Simply read this classic and decide to act now!

Cynthia H. Cheney, retired compliance director and head of regulatory supervision at a top-10 wealth management firm

Having spent several decades working in the financial services industry, I have observed, time and again, the benefits related to disciplined saving and investing early in life. One Decade to Make Millions provides information and real-life stories that will resonate with readers while driving home this important concept. I won't hesitate to share this book with my two twenty-something daughters.

Victor Andrade, Operations Manager and investor

Author Jeff Johnson was my personal finance instructor at the University of Nebraska. Using his teaching, my wife and I have become financially successful at a young age. One Decade to Make Millions includes all of Jeff's core teachings that everyone should learn. I hope what you learn in this book will change your life as it changed ours!

Jeff C. Johnson has been a professional wealth advisor for four decades. A former university instructor in personal finance, he’s passionate about helping young people get on a financial path to success—one that will support their goals and aspirations for their best life.

A Certified Financial Planner, Jeff has led hundreds of workshops, seminars, and classes on financial topics. Learn more at

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