No Parent Left Behind

Candice Feinberg

Parenting teenagers can be exhausting and often troubling. This is especially true if your child seems depressed, is engaging in self-harm, or simply refuses to get out of bed for school or do homework. It’s only natural for you to be concerned when your teen starts acting out violently or gets involved in dangerous online activities. But there’s no need to panic. With Dr. Candice Feinberg’s help you can still raise a healthy, independent teenager, even if you’re a single parent doing it on your own.

Inspired by Dr. Feinberg’s years of experience working with teenagers and their families, No Parent Left Behind provides practical advice and much- needed guidance based on the principle of parenting out of love rather than fear. The real-world examples and proven approaches included in this invaluable volume will enable you to better understand your individual situation and tackle your child’s problematic behaviors.

And it all begins with love.

Candice Feinberg

Dr. Candice Till-Feinberg is a licensed clinical psychologist and a highly respected authority on mental health for adolescents, well known for her direct communication style and outside-the-box approach to treatment. Since 2007, she has guided hundreds of teens and their families through the stages of recovery. Dr. Feinberg has spoken at conferences across the country, has appeared on national television, and has had articles published in Psychology Today. She has spoken internationally on parenting and is a member of Young Presidents Organization, YPO. She is currently the CEO of ROWI, Teen & Parent Wellness Centers, in Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, and Encino California.

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