No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault

Pam Marmon

Leading change at your organization can be a daunting proposition while you face mounting pressure for growth. As a senior leader, what should be an exciting time for your organization becomes a challenge, leading to a fear of change and the belief that change is hard.

Pam Marmon shares a refreshing and radical truth: With the proper process, change is not hard. In No One’s Listening and It’s Your Fault, progressive change leader and entrepreneur Pam Marmon unpacks the practical framework of implementing change to help you get your message heard during organizational transformations. As the change catalyst, you’ll learn how to tap into the essence of your organization’s culture to determine what will resonate with your team in a language they understand. Inspire others to take action by creating alignment at every level and empower influencers to carry your message. You can confidently build change agility with long-lasting impact to advance innovation, implement digital transformation, and achieve exponential growth.

Press & Praise

Tami Heim, President & CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

"Pam challenges you to think differently about change and causes a profound shift in how you see your role in it. You'll abandon your current thinking about how to manage change and discover what it takes to lead authentic transformation. Simple, clear, and loaded with real-world application, every leader needs to put into action the wisdom found in No One's Listening and It's Your Fault."

Shirley Hoogstra, J.D., President, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

"Pam is a straight shooter with a deep passion for the success of her clients--therefore, she pulls no punches as she sets out her wisdom and change theory. You will be both encouraged and empowered, and in the end, you will believe that change is possible and know that Pam has given you a new mindset with which to tackle it."

Al Miralles, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, CNA

"No One's Listening and It's Your Fault is a practical and thought-provoking book about leading change and transforming organizations. Pam applies her hands-on experiences and mastery of the concepts of organizational change into a compelling read."

Pam Marmon

Pam Marmon is the CEO of Marmon Consulting, a change management consulting firm that provides strategy and execution services to help companies transform. From Fortune 50 to startups, Pam brings unparalleled change expertise and insights as a practitioner, a speaker, and an adjunct professor of future change-makers. Growing up in Bulgaria and moving to America has taught her to be adaptable and resilient to change. Pam and her family live in Nashville.

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