Never Enoughitis

Robert Althuis

What happens if you have everything, but you still feel empty?

Robert Althuis’s life began as a fairy tale—successful career, amazing wife, tremendous wealth—until it all fell apart. His relentless pursuit of more had ruined his life.

Never Enoughitis chronicles Robert’s wild rise to success and cataclysmic fall, with all the painful details and mistakes of that journey laid bare.

Part one paints the story of an idyllic childhood, youthful world travels, storybook marriage, and skyrocketing career. Part two reveals how it all went wrong, each thread of that high life slowly and inexorably unraveling as Robert’s insatiable desire for more cost him everything. Part three is a story of transformation, designed to help others avoid the same mistakes.

If you feel stuck, empty, unfulfilled, or at the end of your rope, Never Enoughitis will light your way forward, helping you unlock the true why of your best life.

Robert Althuis is the founder of The Whisperer, a mindfulness organization that provides coaching, strategies, tools, and techniques to help private clients and businesses find their why so they can become a force of good in the world. He was once an Ivy League-educated Fortune 100 corporate executive and later a successful real estate and private equity entrepreneur.

Today, he resides in Coral Gables, Florida, and is an artist, photographer, avid yogi (RYT 200), CrossFitter, kite surfer, and an active dive volunteer and former board member of the Coral Restoration Foundation.

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