Naked Sales

Ashley Welch & Justin Jones

You’ve worked hard to make your sales operation a success, and you’ve achieved results. But in an age of ever-changing technologies and increasing customer demands, if you’re selling like you always have, you’re leaving deals on the table–and reducing potential. You can reinvigorate your sales organization, create new opportunities, and build competition-proof customer relationships when you start thinking like a designer.

Design Thinking is a customer-centric innovation process that transforms the way one sells, whether it’s an inside sales team or a group of field reps with multimillion-dollar portfolios. Welch and Jones’s proven Sell by Design methodology will reduce the time it takes to get a first call, build pipeline, and increase deal size. And it reestablishes a deeper human connection in an era of automated response.

Naked Sales will show you how firms like Salesforce, Hyland Software, and Ellie Mae are using this approach to stay customer-centric and increase revenue.

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Press & Praise

Will Anastas, Senior Vice President, Salesforce

"Sell by Design is the only training we have done that we can directly correlate to increased pipeline that turned into increased bookings. It was highly measureable and added millions of dollars to the top line."

David Lewis, Vice President, Client Management, Ellie Mae

"If someone is genuinely interested in connecting in a deeper way with their customer base, this approach is the way to do it. You will not do it with any other sales technique that comes with a checklist and scripts and sales pitches to customers. Quite frankly, if you don't connect with your customer in a genuine way, you will lose out to someone else."

Jennifer Fortune, Director, Global Sales Enablement, Hyland Software

"Nothing has been as sticky as Sell by Design. Even if something is helpful, people always fall back into old habits. Not with Sell by Design. Account Executives (AE) immediately got out of their comfort zones, oriented toward customers differently, and saw results that reinforced the habit. One AE reignited a stalled deal and increased the opportunity by $240,000 with an unexpected upsell."

Ashley Welch

Ashley Welch cofounded Somersault Innovation, a Design Thinking consulting firm providing a unique approach to sales development. Prior to Somersault Innovation, she spent twenty years as a leading sales professional for a leadership development company. She also founded TEDxYouth@Wayland. Ashley lives outside of Boston with her family.

Justin Jones

Justin Jones began his career in marketing and sales before moving into management consulting, innovation, and design. He has helped hundreds of teams apply design thinking against their toughest challenges and achieve breakthroughs. As cofounder of Somersault Innovation, he loves design’s ability to surprise people with unexpected results. Justin lives in Denver with his family.

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