Music Is Our Medicine

Paul Pellinger

Fighting substance abuse with words is not working. But at Recovery Unplugged, there is a new approach that’s helping addicts get the message: music. This method is based on recovery statistics unheard of in the rehab community, and the indisputable fact is it’s working.

Cofounded by author Paul Pellinger, Recovery Unplugged specializes in using music therapy as a catalyst for positive and long-lasting change. Through analyzing, creating, performing, and hearing music that is aimed at the heart instead of the head, clients are finding new motivation and inspiration to get – and stay – clean.

In this book, Pellinger breaks down why his approach works and provides real examples of it in action. He traces his personal path in recovery from the moment he discovered the power of music at a young age to his years of experience in the treatment industry. Paul learned to combine this power with tried-and-true practices to create a new treatment process. Starting with a treatment facility in South Florida, it has grown into a nationally recognized movement with multiple locations. The approach described in Music Is Our Medicine can help the sick and suffering addict and potentially break the cycle for decades to come.

Press & Praise

Joey Kramer, Aerosmith

"Music and lyrics can connect an addict in recovery to their addiction, showing them where they've been and how far they've come. Music speaks to and from the heart."

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

"Songs are the language of the soul. They keep us company when we're alone and are like best friends. They are always there when we need them. Recover Unplugged shows that music can be magic. It can be a healing experience and make us feel more hopeful. Songs are the language of the soul."

Dion, Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer

"I have experienced many glorious years in recovery. The wisdom and truth in this book will help keep your future rockin' free."

Paul Pellinger

Paul Pellinger is Chief Strategy Officer of Recovery Unplugged® nationally. For more than 25 years, he has been helping those who struggle with addiction. With Recovery Unplugged® he’s found a way to use music to communicate with the soul, where a long-lasting change happens.

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