More Money, Less Hustle

Jess Lenouvel

Unlimited earning potential, personal freedom, and self-made success: these are a few of the reasons you may have become a real estate agent.

But the rules of the game have changed, thanks to social media. In the digital age, if you want to stand out as an agent, hit your goals, and build your team, you need a new mindset and a fresh outlook. You need an updated roadmap with strategies to improve relationships and elevate performance in a world of shortening attention spans.

In More Money, Less Hustle, Realtor and real estate marketing specialist Jess Lenouvel shares the six pillars that will help you reach seven figures and take your business to the next level in the age of the internet. A seven-figure agent herself, Jess grew up in the industry. Now she’s sharing her proprietary methodology to help real estate professionals leverage online marketing, systematize and scale their business, and create a transformational workplace culture. This book is your chance, no matter the market, to abandon the hustle and uncertainty of the industry you love for consistency, clarity, and enduring success.

Jess Lenouvel founded The Listings Lab to help other real estate agents implement life-changing business strategies. In an age where algorithms rule our lives, her innovative approach bucks the traditional real estate mold and gives agents back their time and freedom without sacrificing growth or peace of mind. With an emphasis on marketing, personal connection, and timeless principles, Jess is a thought leader in the industry, enabling real estate agents to thrive in both their professional and personal lives. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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