Steve Hauptman

Something’s missing from your life. This much you know.

But did you know you may be looking for it in the wrong place?

This book is about a problem disguised as a solution, an idea that shapes and drives us all: Control.

It’s about the universal urge to make reality meet our expectations. How this urge becomes an addiction, wrecking lives and relationships. How it leads to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, broken marriages and dysfunctional parenting.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Why everyone is addicted to control
  • How this addiction causes most — if not all — of our emotional problems
  • How to listen to feelings instead of controlling them

Filled with actionable insights you can start using today, Monkey Traps is a must-read for anyone seeking happiness, healthier relationships, and more peace of mind.

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Online Book Club

"Debt Cleanse by Jorge P. Newbery focuses on a revolutionary method of alleviating debt: don't pay. A phenomenal experience to learn how collection agencies work and the amount of laws and human rights they can break for the sake of collecting debt. Instructions are very, very useful."


"This instructional book by Newbery, who wangled his way out of $26 million of debt, could be a panacea for the millions of Americans owing large sums of money. Every chapter is written in perky, consumer-friendly language, detailing a step-by-step approach to either settling a debt 'for pennies on the dollar' or not resolving it at all."

San Francisco Book Review

"Debt Cleanse is a clearly written instructional on how readers can eliminate their debt. Author is blatant in his unconventional advice to simply stop paying. Very useful."

Steve Hauptman

Steve Hauptman is a Gestalt-trained, Buddhist-flavored therapist who has practiced on Long Island for twenty years. He graduated from Adelphi University’s School of Social Work, trained at the Gestalt Center of Long Island, and specializes in a unique control-centered approach that combines elements of psychodynamic, Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, codependency and relationship problems. A leader of Interactive Therapy groups, he is also a cartoonist and creator of the blogs Monkeytraps: A blog about control, Monkey House, a forum for discussing control issues, and Bert’s Therapy: Adventures of an Inner Monkey.

He is currently at work on the six-book Monkeytraps series, which will include Monkeytraps: Why Everybody Tries to Control Everything and How We Can Stop (Lioncrest 2015), Monkeytraps in Daily Life (due 2016), Monkeytraps for Adult Children, Monkeytraps for Parents, Monkeytraps for Couples, and Monkeytraps for Therapists.

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