Mind Your Own Business

Paul Marrella

You’ve poured everything into your business, struggling through good times and bad to build something you’re proud of. Of course, you want your investments of time and money to benefit you and your family in the long term—which is why you need to create a strong wealth management plan.

Paul Marrella, small business owner and wealth consultant for nearly thirty years, knows how financial decisions today can affect your multigenerational wealth. In Mind Your Own Business, Paul discusses key philosophies of wealth management, well beyond investing. You will build your own financial foundation by identifying and prioritizing your needs and goals. From understanding your unique circumstances to identifying major obstacles, you will have a unique appreciation of your hard-earned wealth. This perspective inspires the discipline necessary to manage wealth over a lifetime, not just years.

You’ve established your business—now it’s time to build your legacy. With Paul’s wisdom, you’ll create a better financial tomorrow, today.

Paul Marrella, J.D., CFP

Paul Marrella is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and attorney who has spent the past twenty years building his passion into a family business. In 2001, Paul and his father launched Marrella Financial Group, LLC, and their affiliation with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Today, they, along with Paul’s brother and sister, work together to help clients build legacies for their families and their future. Paul is an active member of several local charitable organizations, has coached over twenty seasons of youth sports, and is an avid golfer and sports fan. He lives with his wife Tracy and children, Mackenzie and Matthew, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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