Millennial Reboot

Kate Athmer & Rob Johnson

Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. They grew up using computers and the Internet to solve problems, access information, and communicate in real time. By applying these skills, they expect to flourish in today’s workplace, but often don’t. Instead, many of them feel underutilized or frustrated within a traditional corporate environment—yearning for the efficiency and innovation they know is possible, yet struggling to drive change.

In Millennial Reboot, authors Kate Athmer and Rob Johnson offer practical tools, tips, and tricks to bridge the communication gaps between different workplace mentalities and to pave the way for progress. Readers will uncover new ways to do the following:

  • Meet corporate expectations without sacrificing authenticity
  • Adapt to a variety of challenging workplace personalities
  • Initiate change within an established corporate framework
  • Negotiate effectively to advance ideas and career trajectory
  • Anticipate roadblocks and maintain momentum

With actionable advice, checklists, takeaways, and easy-to-find reference points, consider this a playbook for professional success.

Press & Praise

Scott McNabb, SVP of Global Sales for LookbookHQ

"We've used this book for new employee onboarding and ongoing employee development. It's been a game changer for our culture."

Scott Vaughan, CMO at Integrate

"A new generation of professionals are entering the workforce and our communities with a very different view of the world. Kate and Rob - who have walked in their shoes - bring their real-world guidance and a playbook for the Millennial generation who will soon comprise the large majority of our workforce."

Neil Sullivan, University of Dayton Athletic Director

"Kate and Rob's enthusiasm and determination to help their generation succeed is inspiring, and their advice is actionable. Millennials: Read this book!"

Kate Athmer

Kate Athmer runs demand marketing for a software start-up, advocating regularly for technology to enable advanced strategies. As a cofounder of GreenLit Consulting, she also provides career and brand advice for peers, recent graduates, and anyone looking to advance. A graduate of the University of Dayton with an MBA from the University of Tennessee, Kate credits a combination of strong mentors, diverse educational and athletic opportunities, tenacity, and strategic content consumption for her success in the workplace.

Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson has experience as a sports and entertainment executive, collegiate rowing coach, and adjunct professor. He is driven by creativity and innovation, which he puts to practice as a cofounder of GreenLit Consulting. Rob has grown his career in part by bridging the technology divide and committing to the professional development of others. After graduating from Marietta College, Rob began his professional career in the NFL as the marketing coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars. While in Jacksonville, he earned his MBA from the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University.

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