Middle Class to Millionaire

David Vernich

Is it still possible for a middle-class American to become a millionaire?

Imagine creating enough passive income to surpass your earned active income. Imagine living without worrying about current expenses or the next recession.

Imagine securing your financial future decades before retirement.

In Middle Class to Millionaire, David Vernich demonstrates how investing in real estate can be a simple, profitable solution for sustainable financial security, long-term growth, and complete peace of mind. He provides the insight he’s learned as a banker who realized that his 401(k) wouldn’t provide the lifestyle he truly wanted. By forming a small team of investors and securing a loan with good credit, David became a real estate investor and changed the course of his life within a few short years. When you invest in real estate, you invest in a worry-free financial future without sacrificing the life you live today. Stop thinking of the reasons you can’t and learn why you can in this must-read for everyone who wants security, stability, and a lifetime of passive income.

David Vernich is a commercial lender with more than three decades of experience in the banking industry. In 2007, he partnered with other investors to purchase real estate and began his journey to generate passive income. David now owns more than one hundred homes in Tennessee and is passionate about helping others reap the benefits of passive income in their lives.

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