Memory Royalties

Todd Rustman

Having money doesn’t make people happy. It’s what we do with it that matters. And yet the wealth-generating industry of investing and financial planning focuses almost exclusively on using wealth to create more wealth.

Is that really the point of life? To see how rich you can be when you die?

In Memory RoyaltiesTodd Rustman shines an evocative light on the very concept of investing, inviting you on a journey to change the way you look at wealth itself—not as a goal, but as the tremendous potential to generate a life of depth and meaning.

Invest in memories, not just assets. Diversify your experiences as well as your portfolio. Use your wealth to live intentionally and embrace your loved ones.

If you want to live a more fulfilling life, Memory Royalties shows you how to do more with your money than watch it grow—investing it in memories that will last a lifetime.

Todd Rustman is a CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst), CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), CLU® (Chartered Life Underwriter), and EA (Enrolled Agent). He believes wholeheartedly in Jackie Robinson’s famous words: “Life is not a spectator sport.”

His success comes from combining quantitative data and analytics with strong Midwest roots, simplifying complex and confusing financial constructs for his clients and families—and reverse engineering their unique needs for personal happiness and fulfillment. When he isn’t inspiring others—or, even better, being inspired by them—he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sherry, and children, Sierra and Cayden, in the family’s home in Nellie Gail Ranch.

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