Measure, Execute, Win

Alex Castro

There’s no lack of good ideas in today’s business world, yet 50% of them are doomed to failure. Executives will often greenlight a strategic initiative based on a business case and financial analyses alone, with no idea whether their company has the ability to execute it successfully. But there’s a better way to make corporate decisions.

Alex Castro has developed the ReM Score™, a data-driven measurement for determining a company’s execution capability (or readiness) for each strategic initiative it is considering. Using this groundbreaking approach, business leaders can effectively evaluate potential acquisitions, new product concepts, new market expansions, and back-office optimizations by separating ideas that will actually work for them from those that are great in theory alone, while continuously measuring a business’s adaptability to evolving strategies.

You don’t get two or three chances to make a strategy work in our rapidly shifting business environment. Measure, Execute, Win will help your company proceed on initiatives with full confidence that they will deliver the results you want.

Press & Praise

Lonnie Martin, Chair, Vistage International

"It's all about execution...we see adages in business lit about execution all the time. And of course, execution is everything that happens after the starting whistle blows. But too often bad 'unforeseen stuff' happens, even if it may have been hiding in plain sight, and we blame it on Murphy's Law. If only there was a reliable way to identify and fix the 'unforeseen stuff' before the race begins and we go all in."

Mark D. Olander, EA, USTCP CEO/President, TaxAudit

"Alex Castro had developed a protocol that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise's project team. When we brought in M Corp as we kicked off our transformative development project, Alex and his remarkable staff accurately identified those weaknesses that could have derailed the project and would have caused project failure had I not been given the heads-up so that I was able to take immediate remedial action when those weaknesses ultimately became apparent. His ability to identify those critical points of potential failure saved the project when I would have otherwise spent precious time and resources identifying the root causes after detection of initial problems. It would be difficult to calculate how much time and money his consultation saved us, but it was certainly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't miss the opportunity to save your project and sanity."

Alex Castro

Alex Castro is the CEO of M Corp and has helped clients deliver complex corporate strategies for the last twenty years. He finds new approaches to serving and building companies by identifying their operational vulnerabilities and correcting them, and the ReM Score™ has evolved from hundreds of engagements into a digital platform tool. Alex is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he was a collegiate rower, and he later went on to coach the University of California-Davis rowing team. He is also an avid mountain biker and has two wonderful daughters who are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

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