Making it Count

Ryan Poterack

Making It Count, far from a boring textbook, is a fun, easy read meant to empower you through confidence and common sense. Financial planning can be fun, seriously! Although society and tradition often tell us what we should do with our money–go to college, buy a home, invest in a 401(k), and so on—we don’t all have the same values and objectives. One plan does not fit everyone.

So rather than shoulding all over yourself, it’s time to challenge common beliefs and use critical thinking to examine what you’ve been taught about money! Money has no intrinsic value until you exchange it for something you value! You are the worldwide expert on what you value, and Ryan will inspire you to value your inner voice. You don’t have to give up on your dreams!

Leading financial advisor Ryan Poterack is here with an all-new framework for thinking critically about your life and finances. Using real-life stories and case studies, you’ll explore many of the financial choices we all face in our lives. You’ll learn practical decision-making strategies you can use to make better decisions for you.

Ryan Poterack

Ryan Poterack has been a financial advisor for more than twenty-five years. He had a management career at a Fortune 500 company and has started three companies of his own. He has committed his career to creating meaningful relationships with his clients, anchored by candid discussions about real-world choices we all face. Ryan and his wife, Dawn, have seven children.

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