Aaron Painter

Loyal employees attract loyal customers.

Companies must adapt to evolving expectations and engage their employees in the same way that they engage their customers. Successful business leaders create a culture of listening across their organizations to inspire loyalty and build a competitive advantage.

In LOYAL, Microsoft executive Aaron Painter explains how accomplished leaders use the time-tested secret of listening to turn the concept of loyalty into a powerful reality. While working in China, Painter experienced firsthand how customer and employee retention is key to building a successful company.

LOYAL teaches you how to develop opportunities in a global, ever-changing business environment. The book provides insightful suggestions about how companies can create a culture of active listening to engage their most valuable resource: people, whether they are customers or employees. By building respectful relationships and strengthening those connections through the techniques Painter describes, any organization can position itself for sustained growth.

Press & Praise

Neil Blumenthal, Cofounder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker

"Earning the trust of customers and employees has been the foundation of our success. LOYAL makes a very compelling case for why businesses need to be better listeners, and it is full of thought-provoking stories and advice for how organizations can succeed. A world of better listeners will lead to a better world."

Steve Orlins, President, National Committee on United States-China Relations

"Aaron's broad experience in China's new and old economy gives him a unique front-row seat to how technology is changing China, and indeed how modern China is changing the global business world. This book is an essential read."

Dr. Bobbi Thomason, Senior Fellow and Lecturer, The Wharton School

"Cultivating loyalty is one of the most powerful tools a leader has at his or her disposal. This book illuminates how individuals and organizations can acquire, leverage, and perhaps most importantly, earn loyalty."

Aaron Painter

Aaron Painter is a global executive who is passionate about how listening empowers people and organizational growth. As Vice President and General Manager at Microsoft in China, he leads a broad team of sales, marketing, product, and partner management professionals. He is also an executive sponsor for Microsoft’s rising millennial workforce of recent hires from top undergraduate and MBA programs. Painter has lived and worked in six countries across four continents and exemplifies a new generation of global leaders. He is a highly sought-after speaker and advisor to companies that are seeking business transformation.

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