Livin’ the Drone Life

Paul Aitken

Everyone today seems to have a drone: Amazon, touting a new high-tech delivery method; YouTubers, with countless aerial videos; your neighbor, who keeps crashing into your tree. But drones are more than a gadget craze. They’re a booming business with the potential to change industries ranging from video to agriculture to contracting—and the ability to change your life.

Drone U was created by drone pilots for drone pilots, to help aspiring professionals turn a pastime into a profitable, sustainable, and successful commercial operation. Livin’ the Drone Life draws on this invaluable experience to teach hopeful drone pros all sides of the business, including:

  • How to perform amazing technological feats safely
  • The basics of running your own company
  • Insight on surviving and thriving in a rapidly evolving field
  • The secrets of navigating the tricky regulatory market

Whether you bought your drone on a whim or as part of the tech craze, now is the time to turn your passion into profit, and a hobby into an investment for your future. With the help of this book, Drone U will show you how to fly safe, fly right, and make your business soar.

Press & Praise

Rick Bohlman, CCO, Go Professional Cases Inc.

"Livin' the Drone Life knocks it out of the park (sky)! This book discusses the industry with a simple, straightforward dialog for the beginner, but even the seasoned pilot can benefit too. Confused by the FAA? Cut through the turbulence with guidelines that are compact and easy to understand. Livin' the Drone Life keeps a focus on best business and safety practices for everyone, with an emphasis on the good stewardship of our airspace."

Paul Aitken

Paul Aitken is the Chief Pilot and Co-founder of Drone U, and co-host of the popular Ask Drone U podcast. As a graduate of the University of New Mexico, Paul planned to pursue a career in Criminology until he discovered the world of UAVs. Now, as an FAA-certified UAV pilot, he loves to travel the world training and helping other aspiring pilots. With the help of Drone U, he is leading the charge in this burgeoning industry by promoting safety and intelligent flight among drone enthusiasts. His work has been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, ITN, Fox News, Discovery Channel and Sony Pictures, and he has worked with numerous companies like Marriott Hotels and Resorts and Centurion Boats. He and his fiancée reside in Albuquerque, NM, with their two cats.

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