Live Empowered!

Julie Lopez

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by an inability to act on something important that seems logically within your reach? Do you notice that invisible barriers seem to keep you from making desired changes? Some of these roadblocks may seem minor, others insurmountable. Now you can get past them by hacking into the hidden regions of your mind that influence your daily life.

Live Empowered! is a different kind of self-help resource. No simple solutions here. Dr. Julie Lopez offers valuable information on the neuropsychology surrounding implicit memory, the past experiences you can’t recall but which remain stored deep within your subconscious mind. Dr. Julie offers a comprehensive primer on emerging brain- and body-based tools that can help you overcome what is holding you back, all delivered in an easy-to-follow format.

Whether you’re facing a small obstacle or a large one, conquering it is now within your reach.

Press & Praise

Piers Carey, CEO, Teneo, Ltd.

"A powerful resource for all of us who are deeply invested in the pursuit of excellence and peak performance, whether in business or in life. I will be recommending Live Empowered! for my colleagues and loved ones seeking to remove mysterious roadblocks in their life."

Marsha Ralls, UN Women's Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador, and Founder and CEO, The Phoenix Wellness Retreat

"A must-read for those invested in true mind and body wellness, as well as performing at our very best. Hard to put down."

Monica Freedman, George Washington University Medical School Faculty, Neurofeedback/Trauma Therapist

"Dr. Julie Lopez has created an incredible body of work! She has finally demystified implicit memory by providing an accessible pathway to understanding what drives reactions that are out of awareness. Furthermore, she gives concrete information about three vital brain-based therapies allowing those who suffer with trauma, tangible options for a way forward and real hope for changing what seemed impossible to change."

Julie Lopez

Dr. Julie Lopez was first trained as a systems engineer, but ultimately discovered her passion lay with an infinitely more complicated system—the human system. A former university professor, she founded Viva Partnership, a mental health collaborative specializing in non-verbal treatment approaches, including brain- and body-based therapies. Having experienced her own seemingly nonsensical struggles as an adoptee with the “perfect life,” Dr. Julie shares the science that helped remove her own personal and professional roadblocks and also inspires her work. She currently runs a postgraduate training program on Trauma Informed Clinical Practice.

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