Amos Schwartzfarb & Trevor Boehm

Want to build repeatable revenue for your business?

Levers shows you step by step how to identify and move the levers that unlock growth and create predictability across every aspect of your business.

Built on decades of experience across hundreds of companies, Levers condenses the essentials of creating a metrics-driven company into five core workshops and puts them directly into your hands so you and your team can get to work. Spanning sales and marketing, product, operations, and finance, each workshop puts you one step closer to finding a model for growth that is repeatable and controllable.

Whether yours is a company with several million in revenue or you’re just starting out, Levers gives you the tools you need to create the alignment, clarity, and control that will maximize your company’s potential.

Bridge the gap between tactics and vision in your business. Pick up Levers today and take control of your destiny.

Press & Praise

Oji Udzeue, Vice President of Product at Calendly

"Levers is a must-read for every founder. Its reflective style and hands-on format is a delight for all type A leaders. This is a 'tool kit book' that touches on all the essential aspects of modern company building in order to find product-market fit and create data-driven, repeatable growth."

Adam Wilson, CEO of Divirod and Co-founder of Sphero

"Putting this process in place gave us immeasurable insight into our assumptions and a plan to demystify them. The well-thought-out steps truly deliver in the end and build the essential material for communicating the most important aspects of your business along the way."

Meggie Williams, CEO and Founder of Skipper

"Any founder who's trying to build a big company needs to read this book. And then read it again. When you feel like you've reached a plateau in your business, this is your speed boost to the next level."

Amos Schwartzfarb has been growing businesses for twenty-five years and investing in startups for the past ten. Since 1997, he’s helped build companies that sold to Yahoo!, R.H. Donnelly, The Home Depot, plus over sixty more as Managing Director of Techstars Austin. He’s also the bestselling author of Sell More Faster.

Trevor Boehm was a writer before finding his way into building companies. A serial founder, he has also invested in more than forty startups, many of those through Techstars’ first Impact accelerator and as Managing Director of Alexa Next Stage, a program run with the Amazon Alexa Fund. He is currently at the venture fund Saturn Five.

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