Leadership—Love It or Leave It

Angie Noel

To achieve ultimate career success, you must become a great leader. Right?


You’re rising in your career, or you’ve already snagged that leadership title, but you’re worried that you’re not getting it. You’ve read the Leadership 101 books, absorbed the inspirational platitudes and call to servanthood, and still—something’s not clicking.

The truth is, leadership is hard, and it’s not for everyone.

While our society glorifies leadership at all costs, this book gives you permission to define success for yourself.

Angie Noel guides you through the realities of leadership and enables you to decide whether leadership is right for you. And if you discover your purpose and values are best served in service of others, you’ll learn how to do the work on yourself to become the impactful leader you really want to be. Real leadership is personal—and it starts with you.

Angie Noel

Angie Noel wants to change the way we talk about leadership. As an HR executive, she spent twenty years supporting hundreds of leaders—frontline to CEO—many struggling with stress, frustration, and self-doubt. After overcoming her own burnout and disengagement, Angie committed to helping others avoid that suffering by getting candid about the unspoken challenges of leadership. A sought-after speaker and coach known for her human behavior expertise, extreme motivation, and tough love, Angie inspires clients and audiences to take control of their leadership journey to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment. Angie is the founder and CEO of Leading With Mission, and lives in Texas. Learn more at angienoel.com.

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